Carleton University Art Gallery CUAG

Current Exhibitions

Meryl McMaster: Confluence

Curated by Heather Anderson

02 May – 28 August 2016

Meryl McMaster’s potent, alluring photographs explore the fluid domain of identity, and the possibilities for examining and revisioning the self and its representation. The three bodies of work in Confluence collectively trace the evolution of McMaster’s practice, with its recurrent thematic threads.

Maura Doyle: the Vessel, that with fugitive Articulation answer’d, how deep is your love?

Curated by Heather Anderson

02 May – 28 August 2016

How do we know a pot? Maura Doyle considers the vessel, a hollow form with a hole, and how we come to know it through interaction and use, representation, and museum display.

Noriko Shinohara: Cutie and Bullie

Curated by Cayllan Cassavia

02 May – 07 August 2016

Featuring a 64-foot painting, this exhibition tells the story of Noriko Shinohara’s 1972 immigration from Japan to New York, complex marriage, and struggle to balance motherhood and her art career.

Keeping Record: The Documentary Impulse in Inuit Art

Curated by Amy Prouty

02 May – 28 August 2016

This exhibition examines traditional subjects addressed by Inuit artists as acts of cultural resilience, in which they record their knowledge during periods of seismic change.